Handmade, Head Turning Statement Design

Featuring in publications such as Vogue, Filomena is a bold and bespoke brand, with an emphasis on self confidence and signature design.
From bespoke pieces to everyday staples, each item is lovingly handmade in The West Midlands, UK.

About Sophie

Graduating with a degree in Illustration from The University Of The West Of England in Bristol, I began specialising in jewellery after not being satisfied with what was available at the time. Perhaps I was setting the bar too high, as the jewellery I was interested in came with an elite price tag or was too uncomfortable.
So I taught myself how to make my own earrings and the result was a handcrafted bespoke line of empowering statement jewellery!
Before I knew it, my designs were featured in the cover story of Vogue magazine and my collections are now stocked across the UK, mainland Europe and the USA.

Originally inspired by the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design, my designs are ever evolving, with a focus on eye-catching design and self-empowerment. 

As I am the sole designer maker of my brand, I shoot the majority of product photography* while continuing to design new collections. Recently turning my attention to homeware, my latest projects involve wall hangings and jesmonite trinket dishes. The first homewares collection was released in 2020 during the infamous Pandemic and I continue to add limited runs to the website. 

*Photography which I did not shoot, such as the model shots are credited to Charlotte Turton and Marta Broka.