USA Band, Monsoon

USA Band, Monsoon

Ghost parties, zombies, theatrics! Discover the inspiration behind Georgia USA based indie band Monsoon - You won't have seen anything like it!
I was first introduced to Monsoon when front lead Sienna Chandler bought the Matisse Arch Earrings and tagged me in a very happy post on instagram!
It's very exciting when something you made with your very own hands ends up half way across the world. So when we got talking after I sent her a thank you message, I noticed her very vibrant and unique style and knew there was something more than meets the eye...
A song and music video later - I was hooked!
Now, a few years later, I am thrilled to introduce them in my first ever blog post!

Hello there! Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you’re all about!

Hello! My name is Sienna Chandler and I front the US band Monsoon. We've just come out with a new album called "Ghost Party" that we've been touring non stop. Joey (Monsoon's drummer) and I have had such a blast throughout the whole process of writing, recording, and now touring!  

Monsoon band Sienna Chandler and Joey Kegal, wearing Sophie Filomena Earrings
Monsoon: Joey Kegal (left) and Sienna Chandler (right)

You have a playful way of using social media to promote your band. From off the wall themed photoshoots to candid photos behind the scenes. How do you find inspiration for some of the shoots?

I like to experiment with colours and figure out palettes that I think POP! Joey and I are both big fans of MoMA so we'll often draw inspiration from things we see in the design store or even old children's books using wacky colour palettes. 


What/who inspires your music and which themes tend to show up the most?

As far as lyrics, I'll sing about things that have happened to me. It can stem from a mundane conversation I've had, or larger scale things that I feel I need to get out of my system. As for the guitar parts and arrangement (my favorite part of making music), I try to steer the song in a direction the listener may not expect. The idea of genre-bending music, and not following a specific formula is enchanting to me. But I try not to go too hard off the beaten path, to the point where it's unlistenable. There's a fantastic sweet spot where a song can be insane but also beautiful, and that's the zone I try my best to pull from.

Sienna Chandler Monsoon Band, Wearing Sophie Filomena Earrings Sienna Chandler of Monsoon Band from Georgia USA wearing Sophie FIlomena Earrings
Photo credit: Kyler Vollmar 

You’re based out in America, but how far does your fanbase stretch out to? Where is your dream country to tour in?

We've undergone some extensive touring this past year in the hopes of pushing Ghost Party to the ears of those outside our region. We've successfully toured up and down the east coast 4 times this year, while actively touring the Southeast on weekends, so I'd say we're gaining some traction as far as NY and along the coast down to Florida! The next stop is the midwest, with hopefully a full on west coast tour soon afterwards, but the dream is Japan! We'd also love to come to your neck of the woods in the UK! 

Can you tell us a bit more about your involvement with Austin Film festival, and the film you were involved in?

I was fortunate to be involved in an independent film called Ragged Heart that premiered in Austin last year! The director Evan McNary was planning on shooting a movie in Athens, GA and was in search of a 'punk band girl' character that would fit the role of Quinn. His sister Deborah sent me a message and asked if it was something I'd be interested in. Despite not having any acting experience save for a few Don Broco music videos, I took the role and we shot over the course of a few years! It was such a fun experience being involved, and such a stellar wrap party in Austin where we celebrated the movie and all the hard work put into it! 


Having a creative career is something many of us aspire to have. What advice can you give someone who is looking to get into music and follow their arty dreams?

Budgeting finances and time- Before going full time music, I had worked a 9-5 job, commuted an hour to and from, and was zapped of all energy before the time I was off. Weekends we had shows booked, so we would play Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then the work schedule would start all over again that coming Monday. I don't think I've ever been so exhausted in my life. Still, it was important to me that I figure out the music could sustain itself (at the minimum, being able to pay monthly bills) before I left my job. After collecting data on the shows for about 6 months we made the jump to transition into full time musicians. When my work week cleared up, I was able to devote more time to booking cooler shows, stretch Monsoon farther than the southeast, and just overall give more time to something I'm extremely passionate about. 
We are by no means at the top of our game or near where we'd like to be in terms of 'making it', but we both made a huge, and terrifying step by leaving our jobs this past June and so far we're doing okay! My advice is to jump in head first once you've got all your essentials covered. There's never really a 'right' time, but you can definitely check some boxes that will make it easier for you when you do make creatives your full time! Good luck! 

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