Charlotte Turton photographer wearing Sophie Filomena handmade earrings - reading in the bath.

Freelance Photographer, Charlotte Turton

Charlotte's style is eye-catching from the get-go. Not only is she a unique photographer, but she also directs, edits, styles and models her shoots. 
Sophie Filomena happened to be her first client after graduating from the University of Gloucestershire, and she first approached me in her 3rd year in the spring of 2020.
This was during the initial months of the first lockdowns which swept the UK and the world. But Charlotte had a plan; setting up a makeshift studio from her home, you wouldn't think this was the case when you look at the photos she produced for my brand. This was the first time I outsourced my photography and it was so refreshing to not only have someone model them but to give them a fresh new vibe and direction for my jewellery.
Since then, we have stayed in touch and I have become a regular client of hers!
Recently, I stepped in to model a few photos in 2021 and Charlotte was more than confident in directing me. She's the whole package and so it gives me great pleasure to finally sit her down and learn more about her process and what inspires her.

Hi Charlotte – we are well acquainted already, but please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about where you studied.

Let me introduce myself... I’m Charlotte!

I am a product photographer, covering a large range of subjects from fashion to food and drink.

My other passion is my love for colour, which, as you can see, is presented throughout my work. I love 80s music, fashion and anything yellow.

My love for studio photography started at the university where I initially practised in fashion photography. I studied Editorial and Advertising Photography at the University of Gloucestershire which helped me in preparation for my, now freelance career.

I have always had an eye for set design and styling which I found even more interesting when working with products. I started Charlotte Turton Photography in June 2020 throughout the pandemic and have since built my studio around my daily life, shooting content creation and stop motions every day!  

Charlotte models and photographs herself wearing the Cecilia Drops, by Sophie Filomena.

I think a lot of people don’t realise that you set up the styling and photograph yourself, for many of your commissions – how do you like to push the form of photography in your own way?

I love set design and more in general, the whole process of creating a photograph from start to finish. I think that’s why I enjoy my job so much. From the pre-production: prop sourcing, ideas, and styling all the way through to the last finishing touches of the retouching - I just love creating.

I'm inspired by pop culture and witty humour. This, along with bold colours has created my style which I can then tweak for brands I work with in order to create the perfect recipe! I love working with brands, big or small to help create content, understand the brand and create a visual identity.  

Charlotte Turton Brewdog Sophie Filomena Interview

Charlotte Turton ROKA Sophie Filomena Interview

Charlotte Turton styles and shoots for well-known clients such as Brewdog and Roka.   

As a freelancer, it can be so difficult to organise your own time and have that cut-off period where you stop working for the day. How do you establish a routine and manage the workload?

Yes, I completely agree! I’m not a typical 9-5 person so my job lets me have the flexibility of changing my working hours. I normally work per project which means some days I work overtime and some days I work fewer hours, just depending on how ‘creative’ I’m feeling that day. I have a little puppy now too, who takes up lots of my time but it means I’m forced to have some downtime, with him - lots of hours for cuddling! 

Charlotte Turton models and photographs the Sunflower Arches by Sophie Filomena. 

Where do you want to be in 5 year’s time? 

If someone told me 5 years ago that I’d be here now, I wouldn’t have believed them so I try not to plan too far in advance. I currently use my living room as my studio so upsizing to a dedicated room for a studio space would be my first step.

I would love to start employing others too, if my business got to that stage. I also love the admin side of photography so maybe even becoming an agent for other photographers! I would love to continue with my world at the moment because I just love my job. 

Who/What inspires your work and why?

Colour is my main inspiration! Certain colour palettes can just create so much feeling and it helps my work just pop. As I’ve mentioned, I love the 80s so any props/ colours that nod to an 80s reference is my cup of tea. I’m also very much inspired by the people I do work for.

A lot of my companies are independent/ vegan/ sustainable sourced and adding something positive to the world so I feel it’s my duty to show their product in its best light. I also get that buzz of happiness when a client is over the moon with the outcome of the photos - it’s what motivates me!

Here's where I stepped in to do a bit of modelling for Charlotte! Not only is she a fantastic editor, but she's also a natural at styling and direction!

What is your dream campaign or company you'd like to do work for?

There are a few companies I would love to work for. From my teens, I’ve always loved Lazy Oaf clothing and said they are my dream client. I’ve always said Swizzels because of how vibrant their sweets are. Other brands I would love to work for: Soap and Glory, Rock Face, Cadbury’s, Starbucks, Pooch and Mutt, Candy Kittens, MOJU drinks, Rittersport to name a few. Any brands that love colour as much as I do! 

Charlotte injects some fun during her first photoshoot post-graduation - Daisy Hoops by Sophie Filomena.

HERD Bags Charlotte Turton Sophie Filomena Interview

Charlotte in roller skates for Herd Bags.

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